No matter if you're a sexual novice or the greatest stud that ever lived if you can learn and perform proper Thrusting methods, your partner's pleasure can increased tremendously! The ancient sexual techniques noted below were developed by the Taoist sages, who realized that correct thrusting motions would not only enhance a woman's pleasure during intercourse, but also help the man control his ejaculation.

The basic principle is this: you must develop a certain rhythm while penetrating the woman with Deep Thrusts and Shallow Thrusts. The depth and the angle of these thrusts stimulates the female, while allowing the man to last for a prolonged period of time.

This is the most common of the Taoist Thrusting Techniques, and lays the foundation for other sets of Thrusting sequences which you can perform. First of all, make sure that your female partner is significantly aroused before you enter her (this is where the section on Foreplay comes in handy). Her natural lubrication makes these thrusts much more pleasurable.

Enter her slowly, and thrust with very Shallow movements. Your penis should only go about halfway inside of her, just beneath her pubic bone. Take your time with these thrusts! This will only heighten her anticipation. Continue for a total of 9 Shallow Thrusts.

You're setting the stage for Thrust #10, which is a Deep Thrust. This is the one that will send her over the edge. Push your penis all the way inside her. It doesn't have to be too forceful you can work into that later.

You then repeat the same sequence. Nine Shallow Thrusts, followed by one Deep Thrust. What this does is create a sort of vacuum inside her vagina. When you thrust deep, it pushes all of the air out. The Shallow Thrusts then greatly stimulate her vaginal wall. Try not to pull the penis out completely you want to maintain that "suction" feeling. These Shallow Thrusts are great because they keep you from cumming too soon. The head of your penis, which is the most sensitive part, is not in contact as much against the vagina wall, lessening your chance of being aroused to the point of orgasm.

Another benefit to Shallow Thrusts: you're more likely to hit her G-Spot. This incredibly sensitive area is about one inch inside her vagina on the upper wall. Proper Shallow Thrusts place the head of your penis in the right in the area to help stimulate her G-Spot.

The most important element to concentrate on when performing these Thrusting Techniques is to build a rhythm and speed that works for both you and your partner. Don't get caught up in counting your thrusts, this distracts from the pleasure that you should be enjoying with your partner. Once you've mastered the "Nine Shallow, One Deep" Thrusts, you can reduce the number of Shallow Thrusts to, say Six Shallow, One Deep", then "Five Shallow, One Deep", and so forth. The more you learn to control your ejaculation, the less shallow thrusting you can do to avoid over stimulation.

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